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Wow, love this so much, I had to post it=p
Tone in Heaven
credit:beeboowy =)
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During a Press Conference of their comeback

Yunho replied, “If I’m like fire, Changmin is like water. He’s really like my wife.  Our personalities began to mesh, and we’ve gotten a lot closer as a result. Don’t lasers shoot from our eyes on stage? We’ve worked hard in preparing something that could stop people from looking at us with worried eyes, and to not disappoint ourselves as well.  We’ve come to understand each other like a married couple.
credit: allkpop - January 12,2011

This press conference was a long time ago, but I just landed upon it again recently. While I was reading this part, it reminded of AADBSK2. Yunho states that if he is like fire, then Changmin is like water. Putting him out? That makes him like his wife? Then that means when Yunho described his relationship with Jae in AADBSK2 couple talk as water and fire, it means he thought of Jae as his wife then?

'Our personality,it is like fire and water. We were so polarized[...]Also, Hero is like water,So he puts things to an end at once.'

Credit: CesKJJ: Youtube - AADBSK2 Couple Talk Yunjae

If Jae is water, then that means Yunho is the fire. Like Husband and Wife. =p Sigh, I really miss them.

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wow, its been over a year since i've posted fics to read=p Also, for those who are unable to find the fics. You just need to type in the writer's name in the search engine under site & user. If you still can't find their links, then just pm ^_^

The majority of these fics have quite little angst and if there is, they pass by within a few chapters. So if you enjoy angst tht lasts throughout most of the fic, then this list might not be helpful.

honeyiceblend - "GASHIYEON"(aka Thorn Year); the famous fic that Jaejoong knows of(not sure if he read it) but yeahh, I've been waiting for over a year for this fic to be translated! n FINALLY the prequel has been translated! She's now taking a break n then working on the main story and will continue to translate til the sequel. I love her. lols! 
Anyhow, here's the link! http://honeyiceblend.livejournal.com/2569.html#cutid1

28. miss_sanzo has become one of my most favorite writers. If you enjoy either realistic settings with touching & sweet plots, I really recommend her fics. She has plenty oneshots and series.Since I can't recommend just one, i'll just give you a link to her page & you can search around.

BUT I really loved "what love really is"; basically DBSK are DBSK where Yunho's father becomes sick and asks Yunho to get married. Can't explain much w/o ruining it, but its really worth it. Its a sweet series with 23 chapters, rating NC-17 overall,but not hardcore smut=p.

link: http://miss-sanzo.livejournal.com/

29. jadexscandal - "Behind the Wall"; Yunjae's parents are rivals that live next to eachother with a huge wall between. Although Yunjae have fallen in love with eachother, they have to constantly hide it from their parents. Rating NC-17; currently on-going(almost done tho)
link: http://jadexscandal.livejournal.com/18156.html

30. wild_terrain - "Echo of Dawn"; a sequel to her Echo of Dusk. Yunjae are finally away from war, but what happens when they return to their homes & families? Yunho returns to his job as a lawyer with a boss who shows an obvious dislike towards homosexuals. Yunho & Jaejoong live together in Yunho's home but they spend more and more time apart because of Yunho's job. Rating: NC-17; currently ongoing.

31. jakiwumi - "Kim Cuisine"; Yunho's the number 1 casanova that ends up falling for Kim Jaejoong; a headstrong brother of 3(Kibum, Junsu & Heechul) who cares nothing of Yunho's  trademark smile & charm. Rating: NC-17 overall, and currently ongoing. [Its a hilarious romantic comedy for those looking for a sweet laugh^_^]
link: http://jakiwumi.livejournal.com/46975.html#cutid1

32. daynah-bo - "Doll Face" her summary: Jung Yunho, an unnoticeable and lonely college student, helps the mysterious glutton, Shim Changmin, and ends up being talked into buying himself a life-like doll. It would solve his problems of never having anyone to talk to (other than his best friends, rich-boy Kim Junsu and lazy Park Yoochun) and his need for a roommate. He just never expected that buying #000, Kim Jaejoong, would end up making his life more complicated than it already was.
link: http://daynah-bo.livejournal.com/14091.html#cutid1

33. kioku_kagami - "The Bodyguard": A while ago, Jaejoong- the son of Korea's top business man, endured the death of his bodyguard. Even more, the man was his lover. He has had many bodyguards and his newest is the same as all the others. Just wanting a piece of him, or so he thought. Rating R, currently ongoing.


34. kimimeemaya333 - "My 16 year old bride" : In order to continue their secret clan’s tradition, two men brought forward an agreed betrothed marriage to the table.

link: http://kimimeemaya333.livejournal.com/3089.html#cutid1


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ombb their so sexyyy!!

credits : kenoa93

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Today in 1993, The X-Files first premiered. What's your favorite episode? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity yourself?
The closest thing to a paranormal activity I experienced, was seeing a girls face in the green blackboard during class.  Scared me a bit cause I can still remember her eyes.


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